Note: Before you approach me know that am a messenger and a spiritual person. so this isn’t a game and have. every word or conversion we have is high protected by my secret oat.

My Services are Free but items required for them are not because sacrifices have to be made to see the heavens to listen to your cry

I can decide to take your job and also decline base on what i see through you. My marriage related services are categorized into two: Permanent and temporary. Do not consider anything you do to anyone to get ahead of get more happiness or better life. do not consider as sin, its a fish-eat-fish Word.

Our ancestors survived with war and blood were split on daily basis to survive, their only obstacle then was to kill an enemy and they did that with glory and live long more than we did. So its a war front out there. You need a spiritual help to move to next level.

You have no clue what your competitors or partners do behind door to survive. message me lets get you strong

NOTE: If you problem is money Related Please do not message me if you have no job or business or something doing. You must have a stone to stand on before i give you a ladder to climb up

Seethru's Jobs

Description Gold Verified Note: Before you approach me know...
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fixed Rate 400.00 USD
I willl Help you a charm to get Married, Strengthen your...
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fixed Rate 500.00 USD
i will help you cast a spell for all situation, love money and...
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fixed Rate 600.00 USD