February 22, 2024

User forgot the password for Adobe ID and cannot reset the password due to change in Phone Number

In some cases, user would have lost the existing phone number and cannot login into Adobe Learning manager due to two factor authentication and code is being sent to the mobile number and the user do not have access to that phone number.

At the same time, we want preserve the training history as well. For that, we need to follow below steps :

Request the user to login into https://www.adobe.com/

  1. Now the user needs to create a new adobe ID with a new email ID say xyz@gmail.com
  2. Let’s say the old adobe ID is abc@gmail.com. Now the admin should login into ALM and navigate to users and search for the old user’s profile abc@gmail.com
  1. Edit that profile and change the email ID and adobe ID to new email ID xyz@gmail.com.
  2. This way all the training history is now tagged to new adobe ID.

 Now login into adobe.com and disable the two factor authentication immediately if it is enabled:

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