February 29, 2024

Proton confirms sideloading Apple CarPlay, Android Auto on existing Atlas or GKUI IHU will void warranty

Proton confirms sideloading Apple CarPlay, Android Auto on existing Atlas or GKUI IHU will void warranty

Proton has confirmed that existing owners who sideload Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (AACP) functions into their car’s Atlas or GKUI IHU will have their vehicle’s warranty affected. “If they do it, it’s on their own and they have to take full responsibility,” Proton deputy CEO Roslan Abdullah told the press at the S70 media drive.

Owners of Geely-Proton SUVs such as the X50 and X70 would be aware that some of their counterparts have sideloaded AACP into their Atlas or GKUI infotainment system. This is because the phone mirroring features are absent from Proton’s range, even in the X90 flasgship SUV and the company’s most recent model, the S70 sedan.

However, AACP is coming soon to a Proton near you. The rollout will happen this year, Roslan said, adding that AACP introduction will follow ‘protocol’.

AACP on the Proton X90’s IHU, but it’s clearly a development build for now

What this effectively means is that the X90, which already has hardware capable of AACP, is set to be the first model in the range to get AACP. Customers can expect an official announcement of an OTA software update in the near future. The next new model from Proton will have AACP from the factory.

What about the S70? Its hardware is AACP ready, but Proton wants to avoid a ‘langkah bendul’ situation (Roslan’s words) and any update for the sedan will only come after big brother X90. As for older Geely-Proton models such as the X50 and X70, the Proton Edar chief said that there are challenges from various aspects when it comes to retrofitting AACP. Basically, it’s down to hardware, cost and licensing.

“I cannot say yes or no at the moment, but we’re keeping it open to address customer expectation,” he said with regards to retrofitting AACP to older models. From how it sounds, there could be hope for recent introductions such as the S70 and the X70 MC from 2022, but it’s best to not have too high expectations.

Why didn’t the Geely-Proton cars come with AACP in the first place and why is Proton scrambling now? We look into the matter here.

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