February 29, 2024

Malaysian MOT – no road safety campaign launches

Malaysian MOT – no road safety campaign launches

Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke

Beginning this year, the Malaysian Ministry of Transport (MOT) will no longer hold road safety campaign launches in conjunction with festive periods. Transport minister Anthony Loke said this is to save costs as each campaign costs between RM100,000 and RM200,000, as reported by Bernama.

Loke said the cost saving will be channeled to increase the quality of existing road safety campaigns that give a direct benefit to the public. “From this year, there will be no launching ceremony for any road safety campaign. Even without the launch, JPJ operations will still continues. Combined operations will be held and laws will continue to be enforced, ” he said.

“Nevertheless, if any private company wishes to hold a campaign launch, that is at their discretion. I am stopping the ministry’s budget as we will use the money for more productive things,” he added. “This could take the form of handing free motorcycle helmets worth RM55 each as we have found many riders using shabby helmets,” he said during the 2024 MOT mandate.

Malaysian MOT – no road safety campaign launches

In other matters, Loke said MOT is focusing on four key areas this year. The initial focus will be on the interconnectivity and accessibility of the public transport network. Loke said this inline with the 12th Malaysia Plan’s intention to achieve high income nation status.

MOT will also be focusing on land, air and maritime safety, with Loke saying, “last year almost 7,000 lives were lost in road accidents making this user safety issue a focus for MOT with any future campaigns required to fulfil its objectives.”

The third objective is to install a culture of infrastructure, service and transport network maintenance. Lastly, MOT will drive policy interventions based on digitisation and strengthening data use capabilities.

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