February 23, 2024

Los Angeles woman leaps onto a moving car to save her stolen dog

A woman has been caught on video clinging onto the bonnet of a Kia in downtown Los Angeles after her dog was allegedly stolen by the vehicle’s occupants.

The video was posted on Instagram by Harrison James and reposted by Street People of Los Angeles.

KTLA 5 reports the incident occurred on January 18, 2024. Ali Zacharias was reportedly out for lunch at Whole Foods in Downtown Los Angeles with her French bulldog, Onyx.

The news outlet reports the alleged thief began calling the dog as she was walking towards Ms Zacharias’ table.

Onyx, who was reportedly sitting underneath the table, was grabbed by his leash and the woman who took him then began walking away from Ms Zacharias.

“I didn’t think that somebody was stealing my dog,” Ms Zacharias told KTLA 5.

“I thought it was a misunderstanding, so I said, ‘That’s my dog, excuse me’ and she wasn’t listening.”

The woman who allegedly stole Onyx began walking towards a Kia Forte (Cerato).

“I tried to follow her into the car, but I got in there and there were four people in the car,” said Ms Zacharias.

According to KTLA 5, the suspects pushed Ms Zacharias out of the vehicle and locked the doors. Ms Zacharias then jumped onto the bonnet of the sedan while yelling for assistance.

“Nobody came and the next thing I know, the car’s driving into me and I fell onto the hood,” she said.

“It was horrifying… as he started to go faster and faster I’m like, ‘I’m about to die. This is my death. Right now. I’m about to die.’”

Witness Harrison Pessy told KTLA 5 he was crossing the street when he heard tyres screeching and a woman yelling.

“They sped off and unfortunately took this woman with them,” Mr Pessy told KTLA 5.

“If someone tried to steal my dog, I’d probably try to kill them myself. It’s devastating that someone would take someone’s animal.”

According to KTLA 5, the suspects drove several blocks before making a sharp turn that knocked Ms Zacharias off the vehicle.

She has provided descriptions of the thieves to the police, who are reportedly looking at traffic cameras to find the vehicle and to try and rescue Onyx.

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