February 29, 2024

How does the Compliance Widget help the learners view all course progress in ALM.

The new Compliance Widget on the learner homepage provides a quick graphical overview of a learner’s progress on all courses with a deadline.

Learners can view their learning objects that are overdue, on track, and have upcoming deadlines in the next 7 days. They will be able to take action right from the Compliance Widget.

Compliance Widget workflow: 

1. When a learner clicks on below categories the list of corresponding courses is displayed with a due date.

  • Overdue
  • Upcoming within next 7 days
  • On track

2. Clicking on a course title from the list takes the learner to the course details page.

3. Only enrolled courses with deadlines are shown on this widget. Completed courses or courses without a deadline will not be displayed.

4. For courses with multiple instances having a deadline, only those instances in which the learner has enrolled are displayed.

5. The compliance widget, by default, would be turned off for existing accounts and turned on for new accounts.

6. Admins can turn it on from the Admin app > Branding > Learner Homepage > Enrollments showing deadline.

Screenshot form the Learner Home Page:

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